what is it?

Holistic Nutrition understands that every person is unique with their own health requirements linked to their genetics, experiences, circumstances and goals.   As well as addressing  the symptoms it investigates what the basis of your problems might be, and how to clear the body of toxins that may be causing you harm.

Poor nutrition can be linked to many modern health issues such as obesity, lethargy, Type II Diabetes, auto-immune disorders and allergies.   


The goal of a Holistic Nutritionist is not only to get to the root of and address your health issues.  Just as important a step is to educate you to make food choices that that meet your requirements nutritionally, and are realistic in terms of your daily schedule / budget.  Learn how to decipher the food labels and question where your food really comes from and what it does for you.


Its all about how WELL you live, not how LONG you live. Bring vitality and energy back into your life with a little investigation into what does and doesn't work for you.  Take control of your diet and wellbeing to achieve optimal health.  Taking steps to ward off chronic illness is better than addressing the symptoms with pharmaceuticals further down the line.  We are all too ready to accept aging as the cause of aches, pains and low energy but it doesn't have to be that way.